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  • Diamond tool Types Date:2010/1/10 Read:4056

     Diamond saw blades: For high-speed gas powered cut-off saws, walk behind saws, handheld grinders, bridge saws, table saws, tile saws and other types of saws.
     Diamond tipped grinding cups: Used commonly on hand grinders for grinding concrete or stone.
     Diamond tipped core bit or holesaw: Hollow steel tube with diamond tipped segments for drilling holes through concrete walls in the construction industry, porcelain tiles or granite worktops in the domestic industry, or also used for sample core extractions in the mining industry.
     PCD tool insert: Used in machine tools for ceramics and high speed aluminum machining.
     SPD tool insert: Used in turning centers for optics and precision surfaces.

    Other diamond tools

     Concave blade: For cutting curves in countertops to install sinks or sculpt statues.
     TuckPointers: Thick diamond blades for restoration - grinding and replacing mortar.
     Crack chasers: Thick V-shaped diamond blades for repairing cracks in concrete.
     Polishing pads: Pads with diamond crystals for polishing marble and other fine stone.
     Diamond wire cutting: wire with diamond crystals for cutting.
     Diamond saw chain for cutting stone, concrete and brick with a special chainsaw.

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