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  • 27 inch animal hair polishing pad
    Size: 27 inch
    Grit: 50-3000#
    Features: Flexible polishing pads wet use mainly for coarse grinding,fine polishing,precision grinding of the curred surface.
    Suitable for polishing granite,marble,concrete floor with water cooling with high efficiency.

    Use our premium flexible resin pads to polish a variety of surfaces from granite to concrete. These resin pads are designed to be flexible to fit into high and low spots. The flexibility helps to achieve a high gloss finish.  We offer pads in grits from 30 to 3000 and in 3”, 4”, 5” and 7”. We recommend that you use a variable speed grinder or polisher to achieve best results.
    Quality assurance:
    1. Murat is equiped with world advanced diamond tools production lines
    2. Based on advanced technology and comprehensively systematic research and analysis, we have been developing diaimond tools in different application which featured with continuous and reliable quality.
    3. All these products have reached international advanced standard,used for cutting,polishing and grinding stone,concrete,asphalt,porcelain,glass and so on.

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