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  • 5 inch diamond stone grinding wheels
    It can provide most aggressive performance and highest efficiency. Brazed diamond router bits can increase your productivity by as much as 100% as compared to those of metal bond router bits. The vacuum brazed diamond router bits will keep their true shapes during their entire lives. If used properly and are taken good care of, the bits will last as long as some best quality metal bond bits. Their prices are much more affordable than those of metal bond bits.

    Size:5 inch
    1) Perfect processing the edge of stone vanity top, counter top, table top etc.
    2) For granite, marble and engineered stone slab’s edge process
    3) Thickness 20mm/30mm/40mm available or any others as per customer request
    4) Using sequence: from coarse grit to fine, final polishing
    1) Smooth counter’s stable-board profiling
    2) High work efficiency from roughing,profiling,finishing,polishing and final buff(optional)
    3) Bearing and steel loop on the router bits enable it to make out the required shape along the stone edge.
    4) Different profiles & thickness can be customized ordered
    5) Competitive price and superior quality
    6) Beautiful package and fast delivery
    7) Excellent service

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