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  • Double Bauta Floor Man Floor Grinding Shoes

     #30/40 Grit Diamond Concrete Grinding Segment designed to be used on a Scanmaskin Grinding Machine
    It is specifically designed to quickly and efficiently grind through the toughest surfaces.

    Single or double, hexagonal or round segment with a soft bond for very hard concrete.
    Hexagonal segments are generally used earlier in the grinding stages for heavier, more aggressive grinding.

    Our line of Precision Diamond Tooling features a great selection of metals, PCDs, and adapters that are compatible with all major grinder models. Metal bond diamonds are designed for aggressive coating removal, concrete grinding, and concrete polishing applications.

    Polycrystalline diamond tools, are used for concrete surface prep for fast coating, mastic and glue removal, and exposed aggregate.

    Grits:6# 、 16#、25#、30#-120#


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