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  • Core Drill Bits be used for protable electric driller and bench drilling machine.there are high speed and low speed stone bits .Long lifespan and high efficiency. Include two connections .shank and thread .

    Diamond Drills are available from inventory in many different specifications, outside & inside diameters, drilling depths, bond types, diamond mesh sizes, mountings, & tolerances. We will work with you to determine your needs, and recommend the right solution for your specific material/application. You can count on us to improve you drilling operation to its ultimate efficiency. 


    less loss of material

    minimum material deformation

    less heat generation

    faster drilling speed

    less chipping

    better finish quality

    Delivery Time:7-12 days

    Product Name Size Connection  
    English Drill For Granite      20x70L M14.M16. 5/8"-11  
    Construction Drills Bits for Granite .Concrete
    Size Outer diameter Body Thickness Length of bits 
    28mm 27.2mm 2.8 40/400mm
    32mm 32.2mm 3.0 40/400mm
    38mm 38.2mm 3.2 40/450mm
    44mm 44.2mm 3.2 40/451mm
    51mm 51.2mm 3.2 40/452mm
    63mm 63.2mm 3.4 350/450mm
    76mm 76.2mm 3.4 350/450mm
    83mm 83.2mm 3.4 350/450mm


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