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  • Detailed Product Description:
    These segments are mainly applied to cut and process small slabs for granite, marble and sandstone. As we are using special sintering technology, our segment has superb performance in terms of life and speed. Especially it can maintain stable quality with volume production.We can also produce different size of segment according customer demand .
    Usage and Features :
    1. Used for the saw blade from diameter 250mm to 3500mm.
    2. Applicable for granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, concrete, asphalt and non-metal materials cutting.
    3. Characterized by high sharpness and long lifespan.
    4. We can design the diamond segments according to stone feature, such as hard, medium-hard or soft.
    5. Suit for multisaw blades or gang saw also and other specifications are available according to
     customers' requirements.

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