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  • 【Dust Free Mesh Design】Mesh Screen-like Construction provide maximum dust extraction and a cooler sanding experience that reduces sandpaper loading and last longer.The mesh cloth has good toughness, is not easy to deform and break, and has impact resistance.
    【Aluminum Oxide Abrasives】:the most aggressive and durable abrasives, Aluminum oxide-based coated abrasives, can be used power sanding. It is durable and sharp grinding efficiency without falling off sand.
    【Less Restrictive Condition】: the mesh bath is resistant to alkali, acid, cement, and other chemical corrosion; it has strong adhesion to resin and is easily soluble in styrene, etc. The back Velcro design can be easily and tightly fit on the sander disc, suitable for 5 inch sander tray.
    【Dimension】:50PCS 5 Inch(125mm)Hook and loop Mesh Sanding Disc. For 5 Inch orbital disc sanders.
    【Wide Use】: used for sanding treatment of dry board walls before painting, as well as derusting, grinding and polishing treatment of various metal surfaces, and can also be used for the polishing of wood, floor,marble and various mechanical equipment, excellent for marine and automotive industries.

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