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  • Portable router bit is a kind of diamond profiling wheel that equipped on the portable edge grinding machine.There are localization bearing and steel loop on the router bits. Due to the abstruct of steel loop, the router bits can make out the required shape along the stone edge. It is widely used in processing the edge of stone vanity top, counter top, table top etc.


    Using sequence: from coare grit to fine, finally polishing


    Use Position 0 Segment Router Bit:Profile Wheel for rough shaping and grinding
    Use Position 1 and Position 2 Sintered Router Bits: Profile Wheels for fine grinding and shaping
    Use Position 3 Continuous, 4, 5, 6 & 7 Resin Router Bits: Profile Wheels for final polishing


    Positon Usage Type Grit
    0 Roughing Segment 30/40#
    1 Profiling Sintered continuous 40/50#
    2 Profiling Sintered continuous 80/100#
    3 Pre-finishing Sintered continuous 170/200#
    4 Finishing Resin abrasives 400#
    5 Pre-polishing Resin abrasives 600#
    6 Polishing Resin abrasives 1000#
    7 Final BUFF Resin abrasives Optional

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