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  • 125mm Diamond Grinding Disc

    Available in:
    400 grit
    300 grit
    200 grit
    150 grit
    120 grit
    70 grit
    50 grit
    30 grit
    16 grit
    6 grit
    We can also make it for concrete floor.
    Available bond:
    soft bond for hard concrete
    medium bond for medium concrete
    hard bond for soft concrete
    Please check for availability.
    Murat's metal-bond diamond tools are constantly being developed to meet our customers’ requirements for efficient grinding tools. Murat has developed a very broad range of metal-bond diamond tools to achieve maximum capacity at minimum cost and to suit most types of floor. Floors can be divided into different categories, such as soft floors, medium-hard floors and hard floors.
    Soft floors
    Floors of loose or porous material. A high rate of removal is achieved with these floors, but with higher tool wear.
    Medium-hard floors
    Normal building concrete. This includes marble and terrazzo floors.
    Hard floors
    Usually refers to steel trowelled floors or certain types of cement. This includes granite. The floors usually require “soft” segments.

     Triple Rhombus Segments Diamond Grinding Shoe for Lavina X



    These standard quality segments are a great balance between cost and performance. These segment grinding plates achieve maximum square footage at a minimal cost. Whether wet or dry, these grinding plates are effective, efficient and the product of choice.
    Great balance between cost and performance
    This grinding plate is effective, efficient and the product of choice
    The double rectangular segments remove adhesives, coatings and lippage
    Takes the floor from coarsely structured surface to pre-polish

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