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  • New design 45 pins diamond rollers

    Bush hammered roller is suitable for surface fabricating, making bush hammered effects for stone products. it's scrollable and highly efficent, for example, a roller of 200mm's diameter can fabricating more than 100m2 stone products per day. We can sell the roller separately, and we have plenty of styles and the pings of roller can be customized as well.
    1) suitable for surface fabricating
    2) Fit to the bush hammering machine
    3) put on kinds of sizes of plates to used to floor machines
    4) We can sell the roller only
    1) To create anti-slip surfaces.
    2) To remove old glue and resin coatings, in particular thick resins.
    3) To use as a scarifying machine with the advantage that it is aggressive but gentle enough not to “dig” uncontrollably into the floor surface.
    4) For floor preparation before laying new coatings.
    5) To expose the aggregate in concrete floors to prepare for concrete polishing. Products introduction Murat's metal-bond diamond tools are constantly being developed to meet our customers’ requirements for efficient grinding tools.

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