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  • New segments 7 inch diamond grinding wheels

    Fitted in grinder
    Size: 7inch
    Arbor: 22.23mm
    soft bond for hard concrete
    medium bond for medium concrete
    hard bond for soft concrete
    Please check for availability.
    Terrazzo, Concrete,Granite,and Marble,etc
    1) High gloss finishes in very short time
    2) Never mark the stone and burns the surface of the stone
    3) Bright clear light and never fade
    4) Different granularities and sizes as requested
    5) Competitive price and superior quality
    6) Beautiful package and fast delivery
    7) Excellent service
    Time is money, and choosing the correct diamond tool for a job can save you a lot of time.
    Start by choosing a professional supplier.
    Then you can always get qualified help if something does not work as you expect.
    Remember, price and quality tend to go together.
    A low-cost tool of mediocre quality is rarely a good investment


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