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  • Diamond polishing pads are designed to achieve a high-quality finish on all straight or contoured granite and marble edges. Their unique design allows for rapid and even removal rates with minimum effort. The center hole permits water lubrication during polishing operations. The hook and loop backing allows for fast pad changes during the polishing process. Use grits in sequential order from 50 to buff after grinding and shaping with diamond cup wheel

    a) High gloss finishes in very short time
    b) Never mark the stone and never burns the surface of the stone to change the natural color
    c) Bright clear light and never fade
    d)Suitable for the grinding process of the curved or polygon surface

    Operation speed: 600-1200rpm

                                                                           Dry polishing pads 
    White pane pads 3" 50# -3000#.Buff Granite
    4" Marble
    5" Concrete 



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