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  • about Diamond blade Date:2010/1/17 Read:10371

    A diamond blade may be a circular saw blade used for cutting hard or abrasive materials. They are commonly used in the construction industry for building, remodeling and repairs. Other diamond blades are made for band saws to be used where shape cutting is desired.

    Diamond blades are often used for cutting concrete, brick, block, stone and other materials with similar properties, they cannot however cut through pure diamond. A diamond blade may be composed of a steel core (unlike diamond wire) and powder metal which is combined with diamond crystals and then heated and pressed into a molding which form the diamond segments, also known as the "cutting teeth" of the blade. The diamond segments are then welded to the steel core. Alternate methods of manufacturing diamond blades include electroplating diamond crystal directly to a metal core, often a steel core, but occasionally other metals as well. And to a lesser extent, brazing is used to create single layer diamond blades. The method of adhering the diamond crystal will depend on the application intended.

    The steel core can vary in design. Some of them have spaces (known as gullets) between each segment to provide cooling and slurry removal, while others have a single continuous rim for smoother chip-free cutting. The type of core that has to be used depends of the type of materials that will be cut.

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