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  • Dry drilling Date:2012/9/18 Read:10183

    Dry drilling


    dry drilling, the drilling process without flushing medium. Dry-drilling environmental impact is very small, and in some special occasions, such as the supply of coolant (such as arid regions, extraterrestrial planet, etc.) can work smoothly.

    Dry-drilling has many advantages, more and more people pay attention to. Dry drilling technology can be used for surface and extraterrestrial planet surface sampling drilling, drilling and other construction on the building. No drilling flushing medium, this approach has a safety and environmental protection, cost savings, etc.

    Diamond drill dry drilling process, the bit and rock / concrete friction will produce heat, easy graphitization occurs, thereby reducing the performance of the drill, affecting the life of the drill bit, and ultimately affect the construction

    Resolve design - the design of the drill bit in recent years, the Institute of Materials Engineering of the University of Dortmund, Germany, Professor W. Tillmann proposed the concept of a new drilling for dry diamond composite materials, thermal protection layer concept. I.e., added to the carcass material, such as ZrO2, Al2O3 particles of the material having a heat insulating effect, slow down the drill work process the frictional heat generated in the surface thereof is passed to the inside, in order to achieve the purpose of the protection of the inner layer of diamond. This special design of diamond composite material in the inner layer of the carcass material protection diamond without its temperature being too high, thereby preventing the diamond graphitization, until the drill bit wear to the layer. This new diamond composite concept for dry-type drilling possible, will enable a new generation of diamond drill bit design can be achieved. A material having a low thermal conductivity can be used as a heat shield so as to improve the wear resistance of the workpiece and the working life.

    Domestic context:
    Domestic dry-drilling with a drill research focuses on the study of the diamond core drill bit. Diamond core drill bit drill size is precise, fast drilling speed and low noise, no damage, and do not need to follow-up process of the material surrounding the characteristics, widely used in construction projects, bridges, roads, water and electricity engineering of all kinds of stone and reinforced drilling of concrete. But domestic dry drilling with diamond core drill bit research focuses on the structure of the bit, that dry drilling process chip removal and cooling the drill bit, and for dry drilling little bit matrix materials.

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