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  • Diamond dressing tools Date:2010/1/16 Read:10204

    Diamond dressers, which consist of single point or multipoint brazed to a steel shank and are used for truing and dressing of grinding wheels, mostly in the automobile industry. After enormous research, the shape and sizes were invented like Grit impregnated, Blade type, Crown type, disc type etc. The advantages of multi point over single point are,
    1. The whole diamond can be used unlike single point when the point is blunt you have to reset and after few resetting the diamond is wasted.
    2. More accuracy specially in form grinding, blade types are used. Blades consists of elongated diamonds and the thickness is controlled and are available from 0.75 mm to 1.40 mm.
    3. Grit type tools are of tough grade and can even use for bench grinders.
    4. Since small points are used, these diamonds are of cutting edge with natural points unlike single points are brutted points.
    5. Cost will also be very low since small diamonds are used. Diamond value varies more according to size.
    Many diamond tools don’t cut like a knife or saw blade, instead they grind. They usually have segments, or teeth, welded to the “cutting” edge of the tool which contain exposed diamond crystals for grinding.
    For example, with a diamond blade, the saw operator will push the blade through the material. The blade will begin to cut through the material and the material being cut will begin the wearing process of the diamond blade, at the rate of which the blade advances or the depth at which is being cut. The exposed diamonds will break into smaller pieces when cutting. Hard, dense materials will fracture the diamonds faster. As this happens, the material being cut also wears down the metal bond through abrasion. Highly abrasive materials will wear the bond faster, exposing new diamond crystals to continue cutting.

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