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  • 3 Making Modes of Metal-Bonded Diamond Grinding Wheels Date:2012/12/7 Read:9614

    Metal bonds are widely used in diamond grinding wheels‘ manufacture. Among these metal bonds, Cu-Sn alloy is the mainly adopted bond. There are 3 modes in the metal-bonded diamond grinding wheels’ making.

    1) Cold-Press Mode: This mode is to first press the working layer (containing diamonds) and the transition layer (not containing diamonds) of the diamond segments to their forms directly on the grinding wheel’s body, and let the segments connect with the wheel’s body via teeth, slots or other manners. Then, put the grinding wheels into sintering furnaces to sinter without press.

    2) Semi-Hot-Press Mode: This mode is an improved version of the cold-press mode. When the diamond grinding wheels are being sintered in the furnace, appropriate molds will be applied and some pressure will be added, but the pressure is much lower than the one in the hot-press mode.

    3) Hot-Press Mode: This mode is to directly sinter the diamond segments in molds under a certain pressure in the dedicated sintering press machine, and then fix or connect the diamond segments onto the grinding wheel’s body via high-frequency welding, laser welding or mechanical mosaic method.

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